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CFX Supervisor

応募後で応募 Job ID 10051120 勤務地-都市 バンクーバー, カナダ 勤務地-国 Walt Disney Animation Studios 掲載日 2023/05/23


The CFX Supervisor plays an integral role in the production team. They will oversee and mentor a group of CFX Artists to deliver final character performance including geometry cleanup, cloth, and hair simulation. They will supervise a team of artists, and work with the Head of CFX to realize the Director's vision. This is a regular, full time, staff position that will be located at our Vancouver, BC studio. Please note that relocation eligibility may be determined based on role and individual circumstance.

Role Specifics

  • Create and foster a tight relationship between CFX Artists, General TDs, Animators, and Lighting artists.

  • Run CFX dailies; provide direction for cloth & hair simulation performance as well as shape cleanup.

  • Maintain consistency of deliverables to both artistic and technical standards.

  • Work directly with the Animation Supervisor to achieve required performance and aesthetics.

  • Ensure that checks are implemented and maintained as necessary to ensure CFX workflow and data integrity.

  • Partner with Effects Supervisors to coordinate tight character, simulation, and effects interaction.

  • Partner with Lighting Supervisors to address necessary fixes.


  • Responsible for consumability and efficiency of artist deliverables into downstream departments. 

  • Participates in department processes, bidding, and reviews.

  • Assesses resource needs and collaborates with department leadership in helping find staffing solutions. 

 Leading People

  • Creates an inclusive and safe work environment by carefully managing sensitive information, making rooms feel open and comfortable, creating space for everyone to have a voice, and addressing bias when it occurs. 

  • Guides the creative and technical vision/expectations for the team members. 

  • In tight conjunction with the Head of CFX, Production Management, and Department Manager, inspires and motivates the team.

  • Contributes to the overall craft and development of team members through setting expectations, delivering consistent constructive feedback, recognition, and accountability. 


  • Models and fosters a collaborative work environment between individuals on the team and across departments. 

    • Identifies solutions and compromises in partnership with other supervisors.


  • Provides regular updates to direct leaders on the progress, health, and direction of the team. 

  • Keeps the team informed with context for show related changes and updates. 

Studio Stewardship

  • Studio Culture- Actively fosters an inclusive, innovative, and collaborative environment so every employee can contribute at the highest levels. 

  • Technology, Tools, and Workflow- Engages in the creation and execution of technical standards, pipeline conventions, and workflows to support the department, show, and studio.

  • Department Stewardship- Partners closely with peers and Department Manager support an environment of creativity, trust, and innovation. Actively involved in assessment, casting, hiring, and overall growth of artists. 

Recommended Experiences

  • Minimum 2 years of leadership experience that demonstrates a strong ability to lead and mentor others.

  • Experience as a CFX Supervisor, Technical Animation Supervisor, or similar role in CG Animation.

  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to WDAS standards, pipeline, tools and workflows as they relate to the discipline you would be leading.

  • Understanding of the disciplines/craft which they would be leading

  • Strong understanding of the filmmaking process, principles of animation, and show pipelines and workflows.

  • Excellent problem solving skills.

  • Ability to present ideas and to communicate clearly with artistic and studio leadership.

  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment, taking as well as giving direction with tact.

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Art, Cinema Studies, Computer Graphics, Engineering, related field, or equivalent experience.

  • Experience with complex animation and simulation rigs, skeletons, deformers, shape libraries, and simulation techniques.

  • Strong knowledge of each of the following technical areas:

    • Maya®

    • Simulation techniques (cloth and hair)

    • Knowledge of anatomy, kinematics and physical behaviors

    • 3D sculpting tools/techniques

    • Python scripting

    • The Unix/Linux environment

  • Skill in the following areas is desirable:

    • Traditional drawing, painting, design and/or sculpture

Walt Disney Animation Studios について:

映画製作者主導のアニメーション・スタジオであるWalt Disney Animation Studiosは、優れた芸術性とストーリーテリングを画期的なテクノロジーと組み合わせることで、世界中で愛される映画を数多く製作してきました。1937年公開の初のフルアニメーション長編映画Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsに始まり、2023年11月に公開される62本目の長編アニメーションWishにいたるまで、Disney Animationは、イノベーションと創造性にあふれた実績を築き続けます。他にも、Pinocchio、Sleeping Beauty、The Jungle Book、The Little Mermaid、The Lion King、Frozen、Big Hero 6、Zootopia、Encantoなど、時を超えて今も人々に愛される作品があります。

The Walt Disney Company について:

The Walt Disney Companyおよびその子会社・関連会社は、世界をけん引する多様性に溢れた、ファミリー向けエンターテインメントとメディアの国際企業です。当社は、Disney Entertainment、ESPN、Disney Parks, Experiences and Productsを主要ビジネスセグメントとしています。1920年代に小さなアニメ・スタジオとしてスタートしたDisneyは、今日のエンターテインメント業界において卓越した存在となりました。Disneyは今後もご家族の一人一人に一流の物語と体験を提供できるような作品作りを継承していきます。Disneyのストーリーやキャラクター、体験は、世界中のあらゆる場所の消費者やお客様に届けられています。当社は40カ国以上で、従業員とキャストメンバーが一丸となり、世界的にも地域的にも歓迎されるエンターテインメント体験を創出しています。

このポジションは Walt Disney Animation Studios Vancouver Inc. という事業部門の一つである Walt Disney Animation Studiosでのお仕事です。





  • アニメーション&視覚効果, バンクーバー, ブリティッシュコロンビア州, カナダ削除