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Disneyland Resort Hotels F&B Front of House-Full Time/Part Time

応募後で応募 Job ID 889542BR 勤務地-都市 アナハイム, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ合衆国 勤務地-国 Disneyland Resort 掲載日 Jan. 13, 2022


Cast Members working on in the Resort Hotels Front of House positions are responsible for greeting and interacting with our guests in a positive and friendly manner, following the Guest SERVICE model. There are a variety of positions available, including Host/Cashiers, Utility positions and Bar Porters for Table Service and Quick Service locations. Some of the roles available are listed below:

The starting pay for Food & Beverage Front of House is $15.95/Hour


Podium/Quick Service Host/Cashier:
  • Greets and takes the Guest’s order, enters it into the system, and verifies the Guest’s order by repeating total order back to the Guest.
  • Receives and processes payment, and able to count back change
  • Responsible for maintaining their work area, restocking, and cleaning, following proper HACCP procedures
  • Assists Utility/busser with running food orders to guests, bussing and cleaning front of house locations
  • Replenishes food and other serving items as necessary

Table Service Host/Cashier: involves working in one or more of the following positions:
  • Host/Greeter –Record Guest information, make Priority Seating arrangements for restaurants in the Resort, quote accurate times based on dining room status and staffing levels, check in guests into the restaurant and gather Guest information on special events and celebrations.
  • Host/Assignor - Assign open tables to Guests, remain aware of dining room status at all times (necessary to quote accurate wait times, communicate with podium staff, management, photo pass, etc.)
  • Host/Seater - Escort Guests to their tables, maintain menu cleanliness, monitor restaurant lobby. Retrieves high chairs and boosters for little Guests. Pull chairs out for Guests (involves repetitive pushing and pulling)
  • Host/Cashier – Greets and takes the Guest’s order, enters the order into the system, verifies the Guest’s order by repeating the total order back to the Guest. Assembles the Guest’s order and receives monies for payment. Read POS tickets to fill guest’s orders for take-out and dine in. Responsible of maintaining accurate cashier’s fund and complete end-of-day administrative duties

Hotel Food & Beverage Utility (Quick Service and Table Service)
  • Responsible of reading POS tickets from the kitchen line, completes orders and delivers food to Guest and interacts with Guests as they serve and respond to Guest’s as needed
  • Responsible for bussing tables, disposing of trash, empty trash cans, maintaining the cleanliness of all restaurant areas and self-service beverage stations, transporting trays and dishes to the dish room
  • Responsible for maintaining the par of ice, silverware and beverage vessels as well as maintain busser carts and empty trash cans, disposing of trash, maintaining the cleanliness of all restaurant areas, transporting dishes and silverware to the dish room. Polish silverware and stock glassware

Hotel Food & Beverage Bar Porter/Bar Back
  • Responsible for greeting guests and creating an exceptional guest experience in Lounge areas
  • Assist the bartender by keeping bar setup clean, organized and well stocked with supplies
  • Must be comfortable working with bar/restaurant equipment including, but not limited to coffee brewers, soda guns, small dishwashers, and three compartment sink washer setup
  • Must be comfortable working with bar supplies including small trays, carafes, coffee pots, and glassware
  • Responsible for maintaining the bar- cleaning, sanitizing, setting up and breaking down
  • Assist in stocking bar with liquors, glassware and supplies
  • General knowledge of bar setup, sanitation and rotating of stock


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Some locations, must be at least 21 years of age
  • Previous work experience in a high volume, fast paced restaurant environment
  • Previous cash handling experience


  • Previous work experience in Table Service Restaurants
  • Previous hosting experience in fast pace table service, family style restaurant
  • Previous work experience in a fast pace bar environment
  • Experience with computers


Our Resort Hotels operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; Shifts may start as early as 6:00 AM, while some may end as late as 12 Midnight. Cast Members must be available to work all holidays and all peak seasons

After clicking “Apply for this job” below, the employment application will open in a new window. Please complete ALL pages of the application by clicking “Next” on each page, then “Submit” on the final page.

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Disneyland Resort について:

Walt Disneyが1955年7月17日にDisneylandを開業した時、彼はここが世界中の喜びとインスピレーションの泉となるようにと願いました。それ以来、Disneyland Resortは8億人をこえるゲストを迎え、有名な2つのDisneyテーマパークと3つのホテル、Downtown Disney Districtと呼ばれるショッピング、ダイニング、エンターテイメントエリアを備えた、約500エーカーを超える広さの、多岐にわたる世界クラスのファミリー・リゾートとなるまでに成長しました。Disneyland Resortは、創造力と技術、イノベーションを組み合わせて、ストーリーテリングを新たなレベルへと引き上げ、キャストは日々来場する何千人ものゲストの生活にDisneyのマジックを届ける役割を担っています。

The Walt Disney Company について:

The Walt Disney Companyおよびその子会社・関連会社は、メディア・ネットワーク、パーク&リゾート、スタジオ・エンターテイメント、コンシューマ・プロダクツ、インタラクティブ・メディア事業を扱う、多角化したファミリー向けエンターテイメントとメディアのグローバルカンパニーです。1920年代に小さなアニメーション・スタジオとしてスタートしたディズニーは、今日のエンターテイメント業界において世界中の人々に愛される存在となりました。今後もお客様一人ひとりに最上のストーリーと体験を提供できるような作品作りを継承し、40カ国以上で従業員とキャストメンバーが一丸となり、ディズニーエンターテイメント体験を創出していきます。

これは Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc., のポジションであり、 Disneyland Resortという事業区分に含まれます。

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. は雇用において均等な機会を提供しています。人種、肌の色、宗教、性別、国籍、性的指向、性自認、障害、又は保護を受けている退役軍人であるという立場に関わらず、応募者を選考します。Disneyは、企業が成長し、革新を生み、最高のストーリーを創出し、急速に変化する世界に対応できるよう、あらゆる人のアイデアや決定を尊重する企業文化を育みます。

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