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Lighting Technical Director ILM London (all levels)

応募後で応募 Job ID 10069850 勤務地-都市 ロンドン, イギリス 勤務地-国 Industrial Light & Magic 掲載日 2023/11/07


Position Summary

Lighting Technical Directors are responsible for producing high-quality CG lighting and rendering for complex shots for high-end photo-realistic visual effects. 

What you'll do

  • Scrutinise the colours and directions of all light sources in the real-world scene and replicate them in CG.

  • Design and create the lighting and the look of computer-generated objects and scenes.

  • Responsible for the final CG scene assembly, lighting and rendering of very complex shots.

  • Works closely with Lighting Supervisors and CG Supervisors to determine the best approach to solving CG challenges and developing the final look.

  • Creates lighting setups and/or works within current setups.

  • Creates efficient rendering setups in order to optimise render farm usage.

  • Stays on schedule and meets set deadlines while maintaining the highest level of work quality.

  • Ensures there is ongoing communication with Production and Leads regarding schedules and deadlines.

  • Helps mentor Junior Artists within the Lighting/Look Dev team.

What we're looking for

  • Experience in Computer Graphics.

  • Experience in real-world lighting and photography.

  • Demonstrable advanced Lighting and Rendering experience within a VFX environment.

  • Previous experience performing shot Look Dev tasks.

  • Exhibits excellent listening and communication skills, able to receive direction and criticism.

  • Demonstrates an excellent aesthetic eye, anticipates potential problems and uses knowledge of how to use the tools to achieve the desired look.

  • Demonstrates the ability to help and teach more junior-level artists.

  • Demonstrates the ability to prioritise tasks and provide Production / Lead with accurate time estimates on task completion.

  • Demonstrates excellent presentation/communication skills in dailies/shot review by clearly and briefly outlining what has been accomplished and what should be addressed next in a shot.

  • Demonstrates the ability to work within a team environment with minimal supervision to complete a shot.

  • Can write plug-ins, set-up sequences, debug simulations and write set up and Renderman surface shaders with proficiency.

  • Solid compositing ability, can wrangle blue-screen extractions, working knowledge of Nuke.

  • Demonstrates the ability to work with minimal supervision to complete a shot.

  • A thorough understanding of the VFX pipeline from modelling through animation, texturing, rendering and compositing.

  • Ability to pick up new techniques and the ability to learn new software quickly and easily.

  • Knowledge of Katana is essential, Maya an advantage and Zeno beneficial.

  • Knowledge of Python and/or MEL scripting is essential.

  • Shader writing ability is essential.

  • Good knowledge of Nuke or similar compositing package, including how to use layers and passes to tweak a shot after it has been rendered.

  • A strong understanding of Linux based operating systems.

  • Basic knowledge of physically plausible shading techniques.

  • Strong knowledge of lighting techniques and a good understanding of colour-space.

  • Excellent pipeline scripting ability.

  • Excellent knowledge of Renderman and other unbiased rendering systems.

  • Good knowledge of other disciplines within VFX including simulation, modelling and UV mapping, texturing and camera tracking.


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