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Product Operations Manager

応募後で応募 求人コード 781507BR 勤務地-都市 ニューヨーク, ニューヨーク州, アメリカ合衆国; ブリストル, コネチカット州, アメリカ合衆国 勤務地-国 Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution 掲載日 Apr. 19, 2021


The role of Manager, Product Operations, ESPN+ is critical to helping keep ESPN+ and the ESPN App running at peak performance for millions of fans every day. This role reports to the Director, Product Operations, ESPN+.

In this role you will become intimately familiar with the various processes that power ESPN+ and the ESPN App, becoming the subject matter expert. You’ll work with multiple stakeholders to ensure their needs are being met and ensuring they are meeting the Product’s needs.

You’ll collaborate with various groups to analyze data and build reports that can be shared with the broader ESPN+ Product team. Reporting on trends and themes in feature requests, support tickets and customer feedback surveys will help drive awareness to areas we should focus on.

From coordinating paywalls and A/B tests with Marketing, to managing complex scheduling scenarios with Programming, to helping document various parts of our product and processes for the product team, you’ll become an expert on how our Product works and what we can do to improve it.


Within three months, you will:
  • Learn how our product operates, and how our tools and platform translate to what the customer sees.
  • Meet the different teams that power the content in the ESPN App (Programming, Marketing, Editorial, etc.)
  • Learn how to launch one of our monthly Pay Per View events.
  • Get access to various reporting tools and dashboards that you’ll need to be successful.

Within 6 months, you will:
  • Identify critical processes and tasks that can be streamlined/improved.
  • Participate in the Pay Per View launch process, including SKU setup, artwork coordination, QA coordination, and start/end of sale on platform.
  • Learn how our IAP purchasing platforms work, and what’s needed to support Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku, etc.
  • Provide input on the regular and one-off reports that should be built for distribution to the wider product team.

Within 12 months you will:
  • Be an expert on how content gets into our apps, and be able to troubleshoot issues back to their origin.
  • Participate in the building of at least one major project that streamlines / automates a critical process.
  • Participate an operationally-heavy product improvement or partnership.

The right candidate will have a strong vision and be capable of blending the fan’s perspective and desire with ESPN’s business goals. Additionally, the candidate must be a self-motivated, team player who can drive the overall business objectives of the organization. This person must be able to work closely with other internal and external product & technology experts.


  • 2+ years of professional experience in product operations, project management or product management.
  • Previous experience managing product requirements, release deliverables, and technical documentation
  • Previous experience working with large, cross-functional development teams
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with stakeholders at all levels of the organization
  • Strong ability to multi-task and context-switch with ease, in a fast-paced and ever-evolving organization.
  • Previous experience with data interpretation and user research


  • Previous experience working in AGILE
  • Previous experience working with streaming media, data distribution or internal platforms with dynamic data ingestion.
  • Familiar with AGILE based tools, including but not limited to, JIRA and Version One


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field

Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution について:

Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED)は、国際的な事業部門とさまざまな消費者向けストリーミングサービスで構成されており、テクノロジー、メディア配信、広告販売を単一の事業セグメントに統括し、世界中の消費者一人ひとりに応じたエンターテインメント体験を創出・配信しています。

The Walt Disney Company について:

The Walt Disney Companyおよびその子会社・関連会社は、メディア・ネットワーク、パーク&リゾート、スタジオ・エンターテイメント、コンシューマ・プロダクツ、インタラクティブ・メディア事業を扱う、多角化したファミリー向けエンターテイメントとメディアのグローバルカンパニーです。1920年代に小さなアニメーション・スタジオとしてスタートしたディズニーは、今日のエンターテイメント業界において世界中の人々に愛される存在となりました。今後もお客様一人ひとりに最上のストーリーと体験を提供できるような作品作りを継承し、40カ国以上で従業員とキャストメンバーが一丸となり、ディズニーエンターテイメント体験を創出していきます。

これは Disney Streaming Technology LLC, のポジションであり、 Disney Media & Entertainment Distributionという事業区分に含まれます。

Disney Streaming Technology LLC は雇用において均等な機会を提供しています。人種、肌の色、宗教、性別、国籍、性的指向、性自認、障害、又は保護を受けている退役軍人であるという立場に関わらず、応募者を選考します。Disneyは、企業が成長し、革新を生み、最高のストーリーを創出し、急速に変化する世界に対応できるよう、あらゆる人のアイデアや決定を尊重する企業文化を育みます。

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