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Senior Executive - Sales Operations

応募 後で応募 求人コード 752388BR 勤務地-都市 ムンバイ, マハーラーシュトラ州, インド 勤務地-国 Media Networks 掲載日 Mar. 09, 2020


Overall Purpose of the Role:

Sales Operations (subdivided into Deal Management & Traffic) are the mainstay of AD Sales Team. Where it is basic role of Sales Team to bring revenue in the organisation, alongside it becomes responsibility of Sales Operations team to ensure that the revenue brought in get fully and accurately executed. Primary role of Traffic Operations is to ensure that utmost diligence is maintained to secure business adhering to all business ethics and company led protocols ensuring high standards and timely deliveries of Ad sales servicing with further no compromise in quality of delivery for whatsoever reason. Team also has to ensure optimal utilisation of inventory (Commercial Time) which is perishable by nature if left unutilised and hence need to endeavour rigorously to fill each day all hours, by providing timely heads-up of balance inventory to AdSales team thereby enabling them to optimise Inventory fill as well as maximise revenue. Deal management team on other hand plays role of intermediary between AdSales and Traffic Operations as well as AdSales Team and Agencies/Clients (External parties providing business to company). Deal management team ensures accurate execution of deals constructed between AdSales and Agencies, securing all necessary paperwork/approvals involved in the process. Follow up for materials/payments with agencies to avoid any sort of delays in commencing the activities.

Media Networks について:

Media Networksは、The Walt Disney Companyの主要部門として、広範囲にわたるテレビネットワーク、ケーブルチャンネル、提携の制作・配給会社のほか、自社で保有するWalt Disney Television and ESPNというふたつのテレビ放送局で構成されています。

The Walt Disney Company について:


これは Disney Broadcasting (India ) Limited, のポジションであり、 Media Networksという事業区分に含まれます。

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