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Systems Engineer - Data Center Storage & Backup

応募後で応募 Job ID 787785BR 勤務地-都市 バーバンク, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ合衆国 勤務地-国 Walt Disney Animation Studios 掲載日 Dec. 22, 2021


Walt Disney Animation Studios’ world-class filmmakers, artists, and technical wizards collaborate to create the magic of animation. Bring your unique talents, passion, and ideas to our team and prepare to play in a creative environment.

The Sr. Systems Engineer will lead efforts on the Data Center team to design, implement and administer complex systems in the Studio’s data center & related areas. This includes physical and virtual server environments, enterprise storage & compute systems, large scale backup & archive systems and other enterprise systems that provide foundational services and infrastructure for the Studio.

The Sr. Systems Engineer will collaborate with other engineers and support staff to address challenges, plan/lead projects throughout the year, and identify long-term technical goals.


  • Data Backups, Archive, Disaster Recovery
    • Manage the studio’s data backup processes. This includes the design of new systems & processes based on the Studio’s needs and improving existing systems.
    • Author and maintain a thorough disaster recovery program that includes regular tests
    • Work with studio leadership to create and/or
    • improve a data archival process.
    • Lead efforts to investigate cloud migration of relevant data
  • Data Storage
    • Design and maintain storage systems to support various applications
    • Partner with other tech teams and production eadership to design and implement large scale production storage systems
  • Servers & VMs
    • Work with the team to design and maintain necessary server infrastructure for the studio’s various applications. Investigate best in class server hardware.
    • Help to maintain annual installation, replacement and support budget and schedule
    • Lead efforts/partner with other tech teams to design and implement VM environments.
    • Maintain a support and upgrade budget and schedule for all systems.
  • Data Center
    • Lead efforts to plan and execute installation projects, including large replacements/expansions of equipment.
    • Work with the team to schedule and perform necessary maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting of all systems. Allow for a flexible work schedule to accommodate disruptive maintenance events.
    • Help to create & maintain runbooks of all relevant processes and protocols
    • Help to build and manage monitoring systems for relevant technologies, including storage systems, server health & status and physical infrastructure
  • General
    • Help to create an annual budget for technology purchases relating to the Data Center. This includes equipment recapitalization, integration of new, or expansion of existing technologies, maintenance, etc. Work with hardware vendors to evaluate new technologies.


  • At least 5 years experience in enterprise data center engineering & administration
  • Expert knowledge of common scale-out/high-performance storage systems, such as Isilon, Qumulo, NetApp or Vast.
  • Expert knowledge of design and administration of virtual computing environments, such as VMware, RHEV, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.
  • Expert knowledge of design and administration of common backup/archival technologies, products and principles such as NetBackup and Bareos, Quantum, LTO.
  • Expert knowledge of fiber channels.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux, deep experience with common Linux environment administration (Red Hat, etc).
  • Previous experience with co-location environments


  • Experience with film production, CG Animation, Visual Effects, or Video Game production environments.
  • Familiarity with Mac / Windows administration.
  • Strong understanding of computer room design, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring, and security procedures.
  • Familiarity of the physical data center environment, including HVAC, electrical and other systems
  • Strong understanding of major cloud platforms including AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • Familiarity with network technology and communication principles.
  • Proficiency with common scripting languages, i.e. Python, Perl, JavaScript or similar


Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related Information Technology/Computer Systems field,
or equivalent work experience

Walt Disney Animation Studios について:

Walt Disney Animation Studiosは、卓越した芸術性とストーリーテリングを画期的なテクノロジーと組み合わせることで、これまでで最も愛されるたくさんの映画を製作してきた、映画製作者主導のアニメーションスタジオです。WDASは、1937年に初のフルアニメーション長編映画Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsを世に出して以降、2019年に公開された史上最大のアニメーション映画 Frozen 2や、2021年11月に公開される60本目の長編アニメーションEncantoに至るまで、イノベーションと創造性に溢れた実績を築き続けています。このスタジオの時代を超えた作品の中には、Pinocchio、Sleeping Beauty、The Jungle Book、The Little Mermaid、 The Lion King、 Frozen、Big Hero 6 、Zootopiaなどがあります。

The Walt Disney Company について:

The Walt Disney Companyおよびその子会社・関連会社は、メディア・ネットワーク、パーク&リゾート、スタジオ・エンターテイメント、コンシューマ・プロダクツ、インタラクティブ・メディア事業を扱う、多角化したファミリー向けエンターテイメントとメディアのグローバルカンパニーです。1920年代に小さなアニメーション・スタジオとしてスタートしたディズニーは、今日のエンターテイメント業界において世界中の人々に愛される存在となりました。今後もお客様一人ひとりに最上のストーリーと体験を提供できるような作品作りを継承し、40カ国以上で従業員とキャストメンバーが一丸となり、ディズニーエンターテイメント体験を創出していきます。

これは Walt Disney Pictures, のポジションであり、 Walt Disney Animation Studiosという事業区分に含まれます。

Walt Disney Pictures は雇用において均等な機会を提供しています。人種、肌の色、宗教、性別、国籍、性的指向、性自認、障害、又は保護を受けている退役軍人であるという立場に関わらず、応募者を選考します。Disneyは、企業が成長し、革新を生み、最高のストーリーを創出し、急速に変化する世界に対応できるよう、あらゆる人のアイデアや決定を尊重する企業文化を育みます。

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  • エンジニアリング, バーバンク, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ合衆国削除
  • Systems Engineering, バーバンク, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ合衆国削除